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Children students

Will be contacted by Give Into Dance to be confirmed a place in a class (under 16 years). Once your place in a class has been confirmed, you make payment in advance for a dance course or a trial class (new students).

Adult students

Adult Dancers can just drop in weekly, all our adult classes are open.


New Student’s Children - Can pay £12 for one dance lesson to try a group before committing to the full dance term. New students are welcome to join at any point in each new dance term.


New Student’s Adults - Can pay as you go. Drop in at any point. £10 for one dance lesson.
Cape & Jacksons Lane classes: Pay on the door (term time).
Pineapple classes: click here: (All year round)


Suitable for everyone with a little experience in dance. We challenge more advanced dancers and make all routines accessible and inclusive for dancers at a general level, so all students enjoy and progress throughout the dance term. We have an advanced children’s group on Thursday 7pm with Omar for those that wish to train at a professional level. Dancers are invited to join the group by Briony & Omar.


Suitable for everyone with a little experience in dance. We teach the same routine over 2 weeks, with choreography recapped the second week, allowing students to practice and perfect steps. Classes are drop-in, so attend as frequently as you want. Whether you come for fitness or to improve your technique & confidence, these classes are open to everyone.


Our dance company prides itself on being friendly and inclusive. We positively promote all genders, ethnic groups, and ages of our participants that take part in our dance classes. We are very proud of our diversity and individuality.


Dancing can help boost your mood and increase your endorphins, taking a break from everyday stressors. Dance can improves self-esteem and involves using your social skills. We hope to help students bond with others dancers through attended weekly classes, building lasting dance friendships and experiences.

Dance workouts are a great way to activate your whole body improving your strength, speed, flexibility, coordination and balance. On average a Street Dance class will burn around 500 calories per 1 hour session, depending on your intensity and how high the impact of the dance routine is. This number was calculated over a month of research in our Wednesday 7pm street dance class (Sept 2022).

Cape venue and Jacksons Lane venue run in term time

A dance term is 10 weeks long and we run through school term time. We break from dance classes for the half term (Haringey school schedule) and the school holidays. Spring Term – Jan to March – Break for Easter holidays Summer Term – April to July – Break for Summer Holidays Autumn Term – September to December – Break for Christmas Holidays

Pineapple venue

Our Monday 8.30pm class at Pineapple runs every Monday throughout the year. To book a class at Pineapple please click here:

Children attending multiple classes - receive a £20 discount on 2 classes per week booking and a £40 discount on 3 classes per week booking.

Sibling students - receive a £20.00 discount – only applies to 2 siblings attending 1 class a week Vouchers – We do not accept childcare vouchers

Children - You can start late however we do not recommend joining too late in the dance term if we have a performance planned, as it may be confusing and off-putting for new students. Please note: The term price is the full amount for everyone. Full term payment is required regardless of the starting date of the student.

Adults - We start a new dance routine every 2 weeks so you can join in very easily.

We do not return payments for missed classes or if you are no longer able to attend. We only give refunds in extreme circumstances. Give Into Dance decides on this matter on a case-by-case basis.

Once payment has been made, you are committed to the dance courses.

There are Twelve classes a week available for children, young people and adults to attend. Throughout each Give Into Dance term students will learn different dance styles, choreography, develop dance movement, build on their dance technique and participate in creative tasks. Students will be given performance opportunities furthering their performance skills.

Yes, all students attending our 12 weekly dance classes with Give Into Dance have the opportunity to perform on stage and in class settings.
We give each students the option to perform in our class projects, end of term class recordings and Easter showcase presentations. Then in our GID dance production in a London Theatre on stage at the end of the Summer Term.

We start from 16 years old in our adult classes.

Is there an age limit?

No! Give into Dance adult classes have a wide variety of participants that attend on a weekly basis. From young adults, to parents and professionals. These classes are for all adults from 16 years and upwards. The typical age of participants in the classes varies from 20 yrs to 50+ adults. We are very proud of our diversity.

Anything you can move in, loose comfortable clothing e.g T-shirt/vest/tracksuit bottoms/leggings etc.
Bare feet for Contemporary Style classes and trainers for Street Dance.
Bring water with you to every dance class.

There are no changing facilities available at Cape and Jacksons Lane venues just the toilets. Pineapple there are changing rooms available.
Please arrive dressed for class. Please bring all your belongings into the studio with you and place in allocated areas.